There are some device that connects to wireless network is automatically assigned IP address (a combination of four numbers divided by three dots). Additional router configuration is typically not required for this. It is necessary to ensure privacy of data transmission inside wireless network. In most router assigns address by itself, there are situations when it is necessary to register address manually. If the router configuration is produced and only some of the devices have Internet access, it means that something is wrong with the connection of other devices.

How to prepare your network card to router connection.


Let’s consider how to configure the network adapter in DHCP mode on Windows 7 or 8: press start button and click left button on the control panel. Here we need to find and click once by cursor on “Control Center network and sharing”. In the window that appears at the top left find “Change adapter settings” and click on it once. If you have connected the router cable and it is turned on, then in this window one of network connection will be without red cross. Press on it by right click and get in “Properties” from appearing context menu. In next menu you need to find “Internet Protocol version 4” in “checked components are used…” and click on it twice. There you can configure all what you need and click “Ok” double time. If you have Windows Xp, you need to click start button and get in control panel where click twice on “Network connection”. Then find connection icon (without red cross) and press on it by right mouse button. Next you need get in properties where in “Components used by this connection” field find box “Internet protocol” and click it twice. In appear window you can configure all properties and go next by clicking “Ok” two times. Now your computer should obtain an IP address what you can see by going to router’s web interface. There are a lot of manufacturers who produce premium and budget router. Some of manufacturers have they own IP addresses of router web Interface. Here the most popular brands and they web interface IP addresses.

  • D-Link:
  • TP-Link:
  • ZyXEL:
  • ASUS:
  • TrendNet:
  • Huawei:
  • ZTE:
  • Netgear:
  • Tenda:
  • Sercomm:

Use the ipconfig utility to make sure that network card got an IP address. Press the hotkey Win+R and enter CMD. Press enter. Type “ipconfig /all” (without quotes) in black console and press enter again. Wait a few seconds. Until window will be scrolled all requested settings. Then slowly scroll up information by mouse wheel. There you can find adapter card address and web-interface address. If it doesn’t work, try to to specify the network card address manually: open widnow which we opened for card configuration in desire mode in beginning of this material. In appear window you need to add data which you can find in internet. Don’t forget to write “Preferred DNS-server” value That method must help you.